It’s been a while.. and by that I mean about a week…

I’ve been ridiculously busy this week, and I just wanted to post a kind of update. I am so excited at the moment. I have just started writing a fantasy novel, and although I’m so worried about how I’m actually going to make it work, I am so ready to try and work it all out. I’m so excited about this world, and the depth of the politics etc.

I just thought I’d pop up and just mention this, and just say that I’m actually so preoccupied with the whole concept right now that if this continues then I probably will just be in a complete other world for several months to come…

Anyway, I’m so happy that I’m suddenly so into a certain genre we’re doing at uni. I mean, it feels so great to kind of have that ‘omg this is so brilliant’ moment again, because I kind of lost it for a while.



P.s. Does this even count as an update?


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