It’s been a while…

So in my first post I actually admitted that I was awful at keeping up to date with blogs, so here’s the first example. I don’t know exactly how long it’s been, but it feels like it’s been forever since I actually last updated my blog. I guess I’ve just been really busy with my work, and just obsessing about certain pieces that i’m working on for uni. It all seems really crazy to me. Like, one week I’m like I hate this whole thing, and then the next week I just can’t sleep for 3 days because I’m up all night writing.

As usual I have no idea where I’m going to go with this post so I’m just going to start with this… I went out of the house today. I mean, not just to uni, but I actually left the house and went into town. I bought some brownies, and took myself out for lunch, and generally just spent way too many hours in second hand book and record shops trying to work out what I wanted to buy. It was just so refreshing. Normally I just sit at home and sleep, or write, but today I did something else! I actually surprised myself for once. Going out is never really a thing that I do, but I have to admit, it shocked me how much I enjoyed it. It was just so nice to spend time with myself outside of my bedroom.

You see, if I do go out it’s normally because I’ve made plans with other people, and then I feel like I have to. Today, it was just so different, because it was me who decided that I would go out. Don’t judge me, but friends outside of my housemates aren’t really things that I know how to deal with. I mean, I love spending time with them, but I am one of those people who would rather just spend time alone, and so today was the perfect time to spend some me time. It made me re-realise just how fun it was to spend time outside of the house. I might even do it again some time soon.

Part 2 of this post.

So I’ve called this part two, because it’s completely separate from the first part. I just wanted to say that I’m still working on my fantasy piece (GO ME!) It’s really surprised me that I’m still into it, as normally a week tops is how long my mind actually carries on caring about something. It’s really rare that an idea sticks with me longer than that, and yet I’m still getting more and more excited about it by the day. It’s just so nice to still know that I can become absorbed in something over a ‘long’ time frame.

Part 3…

I’m just going to put this here. I was going to submit it to see if I could write some articles for EliteDaily or something, but I found it hard to right on anything original as everything seemed to have already been dealt with on the website. Here we go…

10 Signs that You’re the Child of Your Uni House

So you’ve found yourself somewhere between the beginning and the end of your uni career and your sitting downstairs watching Netflix yet again while your flatmates are hiding away doing the work for tomorrow which you really should have already started. You’ve probably not moved for a couple of hours so they decide that it’s time for an intervention. They turn off the internet and you go stumping into the next room: ‘WTH was that for!’ They look at you for just a second, a demented smile crossing their face – ‘Just go and get on with your work, or else it will stay off all night!’

‘You’re not my mother,’ you scream as you leave the room.

‘Am I not?’ they reply with mock sarcasm. ‘Then why does it always feel like I am!?’


Here are just 13 signs that you are the child of your uni house.

  1. You are constantly behind with your studies, but never really understand why.

I mean, it’s not like everybody else actually has more time than you – they’ve just learnt how to manage it better.


  1. You spend about 80% of your money on pizza within the first month, and then expect the other housemates to just ‘lend’ you the money until next student finance.


Why is pizza so expensive anyway?

  1. You have the biggest room. That was just expected. I mean, why should you have the smallest room? Nobody even seemed to put up a fight – it just so wasn’t worth the tantrum you would have pulled if you didn’t get the best room!

You have the most things anyway, so hey, they can just deal with the cupboard under the stairs or whatever…

  1. Despite having the biggest room you’re belongings are just everywhere. They’re in the bathroom, they’re in the front room – there’s just not enough floor space in your room to contain everything so why even bother…

I mean, nobody notices anyway, sooo……

  1. Sometimes you feel that you should tidy up, but then you just get distracted by that new episode of some show that you forgot about like 3 months ago, so you just don’t have time!

I’m just going to live in my own filth, and if anybody moans they can just go away.

  1. You constantly get told of for saying stupid or insensitive things…

“But it was important bitch!”

  1. You’re still waiting for the ‘adult’ switch to turn on in your brain, and you just have to make sure that everybody completely understands that this is the reason why you haven’t ‘grown up’ yet.


‘Yes, we’re both 20, and yes, you did the dishes yesterday, but I just don’t feel like being an adult today.’

  1. You find yourself constantly reading children’s and young adult fiction, because everything else is just too complicated for you to understand.

I don’t really care that you want me to have read Phineas Finn by Monday, I’m still reading about Mr Majeika, so I won’t have time.

  1. Sometimes you just really can’t deal, so hide in your duvet fort and wait for the day to end already!

If I can’t see them, they can’t see me…

10. You often find yourself buying all the things that your mummy wouldn’t let you buy before, just because she said you couldn’t when you were younger – ‘I AM AN ADULT!’

I’m a full grown adult and I can chose whatever I want for dinner.

11. People who don’t really know you get constantly surprised when it turns out that you’re actually quite clever.

‘Shut up idiot. We got into the same uni, so obviously I’m not completely stupid!

12. You constantly distract your other housemates from their work by telling them every single thing that did or thought that day…

‘So today I caught a taxi to ASDA, and I was like where is the handle, and then he was like… some girl just pulled it off…’

‘Funny. Just so funny that I can’t even contain my excitement.’

  1. Despite all of this you know that your housemates all love you because you remind them of the fun they decided to throw away when they decided to grow up!

I mean, who else would want to dress up as elephants and re-enact Hufflalumps and Woozles at two in the morning?! You are just too awesome to grow up, and everybody knows it!


So in the original post there were pictures, and it was funnier, but yeah, I hope you enjoy! And yes, it did seem funnier when I first wrote it…






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