‘Quick! They’re coming…’

So yesterday we got one of those awful calls off the lettings agents to say that they would be popping in to take some pictures… needless to say, we all just stared at each other in terror. Tbh, it’s pretty much completely mine and my partners fault, but our house is never in a state where ‘a quick freshen up’ is an option, so I have to spend an entire 24 hours removing stuff from the front room back into mine, re-arranging the entire of my room so that I can actually fit things into it, and doing all the dishes that I’ve hoarded from the last time they came around to inspect. Yeah, tidiness is definitely not one of those things that I could claim on a C.V. One skill that I have managed to crack however is Speed-Tidying. I literally deserve a medal for that!

It seems that I  can turn something like this:

messy better


into something like this…



…in about 30 mins flat, and basically it’s because I have a system.

First, I throw all the clothes into one corner of the room – and then put it into bin bags and taken them  down to the washing machine.

Then, I grab another bin bag and throw all the rubbish away.

And then finally, I hoover and actually put things where they belong.

Oh, and also, obviously neither of these are my room, I mean, there would be no point being anon if I were to actually post pictures of my bedroom… but basically picture one (and probably actually a bit worse) to picture two in 30 mins. I find that breaking it down into separate jobs really helps, so I don’t spend like an extra hour stressing about everything.

So you might just be thinking, oh Sarah stop exaggerating: it obviously doesn’t matter about the lettings agent coming around if you can do all that in half an hour, but I just worry so much that it still won’t be good enough. I mean, surely we have to have some kind of penance for making it suddenly appear as if we’ve got it all sorted. I mean, we always start with good intentions after a visit, but after a week or two our room just turns into a pit of despair. I’m talking actual bio-hazard levels. Mouldy plates, dominoes boxes, dirty and ‘clean’ clothes mixed together. It gets to the point where it just seems to much to deal with all in one go, so I just put it off, and put it off, until somebody wants to come around, and then I engage Clean-Freak Sarah mode.

…and anyway Clean-Freak Sarah is a scary Sarah.  She’s the kind of Sarah who has to be left alone, and if liable to shout at anybody who enters a room. I’ve always been that way: if I’m cleaning -leave me to it and come back in a couple of hours, so really it is kind of a big deal.


Anyway, there’s what I have to deal with. Bring on the awkward ‘where do I stand’ moments when they actually turn up – at least my room is tidy! I guess if there was kind of any moral to this it would be to keep your bedrooms tidy to avoid all this…. but yeah…

Sarah xx



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