Day 1

Today was the first day of my diet, and I actually feel perfectly fine, I literally haven’t been hungry at all, which is kind of amazing as normally I’m just hungry 24/7. Maybe it’s all just in my brain, but I don’t feel hungry.

Before I actually look at what I’ve eaten today, I’m just going to say how excited I was for my food to arrive! I literally was so so happy… I swear, I haven’t been that excited in like a long time…

Anyway, the food so far has been really nice.

First I had a chocolate milkshake. This wasn’t really something I was looking forward to, as when I tried this specific diet before I didn’t particularly like it, but it seems as if they have improved the flavours, either that or I was just really hungry by the time the parcel actually arrived at about 4ish. I know it’s not particularly healthy to not eat for that long, but in all honesty I was so excited about my delivery that I wasn’t actually hungry anyway, and I didn’t want to mess up my first day before I had even started!

Overall I think I’d probably give it about a 5/10 – I don’t mind eating it, but I’ll probably prefer the other flavours. One definite plus (which probably wouldn’t be counted as one by many people) is that I got to do exercise – as in I shook the shaker bottle for 2 minutes straight 😛 I never said that this was going to turn me into a super athlete, but at least it was a starting point!

Then, at about 6:30 I had this Lemon and Yoghurt Bar. It came free with my order, so I wasn’t exactly sure of what I expected. Overall, I think this is the product that I liked the least. I mean, I’ve only tried 3 items today, but I really didn’t like the taste of it, but then it did make me feel full, and I actually made it last a while.

Anyway, so I wasn’t a fan, but that could just be personal choice. Overall I’d give it a 1/10, because I didn’t really like the taste, but I did like the texture, so I thought I’d give a point for that xD

For dinner, which I literally had at about 8:45ish, I had a Spaghetti Bolognaise. I was really looking forward to this, as it was one of my favourite meals from the last time. I would say that of the three meals I had today, this was my favourite. It was really nice to be able to have something hot, and it was so easy to cook. Literally add water and microwave. Yes, the portion was small, but that’s to be expected when the whole thing was 200 calories.

It was really tasty, and although I think they’ve again changed the recipe (as it tasted a bit different from how I remembered it,) I still loved it. I would definitely recommend it, and although I don’t want to say the diet now, as people might think that I’m sponsored or something, I’ll probably mention it on my last blog post about this diet, and then I definitely recommend!

Overall, I would give this specific meal, this specific time a 9.5/10. I had to knock a point off, because even though the instructions were easy, I think I didn’t add enough water. I know that’s my fault, but still, it impacted my meal just that little bit.

But anyway, altogether I feel great. As well as actually sticking to 600 calories, I’ve actually drunk a lot more water. I’m normally don’t drink enough water, but today I drunk about 3.75 litres, which actually puts me at the higher RDA for water!

So yeah, altogether I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. I really enjoyed not having to actually cook today, and the fact that I literally only had a shaker bottle, a fork and bowl to wash up! There I was thinking weight-loss was going to be hard!

I’m really looking forward to stepping on the scales next week, and seeing how much I have lost!




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