Day 2

So today was my second day of this 600 calorie diet, and again I was surprisingly aware of how much I wasn’t hungry. I decided to eat dinner with my housemates and my partner today, so if I’m honest I kind of wished I was eating what they were eating instead, but at the end of the day, I’m very much overweight and need to lose it. I’ve tried a lot of diets, and the whole ‘just eating normal food and calorie counting’ doesn’t work for me, because I don’t notice the results, and then I start thinking that I might as well just have an entire pizza because obviously that’s completely going to help me lose the 10 stone I am aiming to lose overall. Anyway, I can easily be very defeatist about diets, but the amount of money I spent on it, and the easiness of this diet just pushes me forward.

Anyway, the food.

So for breakfast this morning I had Blueberry and Raspberry Pancakes. I was really looking forward to them, because I absolutely love pancakes. Again, just like the meals I had yesterday they were pretty simple to make, but I still managed to mess them up. I think that my cooker-top must run hotter than other hobs, as it said to cook it on high, and I did, but felt that the inside of the pancake when I took it off the hob wasn’t completely cooked, even though the outside looked perfect. Tbh, I’m a complete disaster in the kitchen, so I’m not completely surprised that I can’t even follow simple 2 step recipes properly.

Anyway, other than the issues with cooking I found that they were way to sweet for me, so I’m not really a fan, which kind of makes me sad, as it was one of the best flipped pancakes I’ve ever done – it literally looked so pretty and tasty. Overall though, the taste really really let it down for me, and because of that I’m going to have to give it a 3/10. Honestly, I think it would have been a lot better if I had managed to cook them properly, hence any points of all, and next time i’ll definitely cook at a lower temperature.

After the pancakes, I felt really really full, and actually couldn’t eat anything until about 6:30 in the evening, so I decided to have the Sweet and Sour Noodles next.

They were really tasty, and I loved everything about them. I added a little bit more water than the instructions called for, and it made it the perfect consistency for me. There’s not really much more to say: I definitely recommend – 9.5/10.

So about half an hour after I ate my meal I suddenly wanted to eat again. It wasn’t hunger, but I was bored. I was suddenly really happy that I’d only had 2 of my meals today, so I ran downstairs and grabbed my shaker bottle and a Vanilla Milkshake.

I really liked the Vanilla Milkshake. It was really nice and creamy, and exactly the right consistency for me. I definitely preferred it to the Chocolate, and so I’m going to give it a 7.5/10. I would give it higher, but when looking at it in comparison to the meals, I would have much rather cooked another meal, but then I didn’t really feel like making it, which is why the shakes are great, as it allows me to have a meal with almost no preparation at all.

But yeah, anyway, second day, and I’m still really enjoying it, and still haven’t felt hungry. My partner is literally astounded, because normally I’m the kind of girl who will eat a large Domino’s pizza and then get hungry again and order something else. So far I’m literally found this amazing.

As far as water has gone today, I’ve had one of those really lazy days where I’ve literally done nothing other than play my guitar and write songs, so I haven’t drunk nearly as much as yesterday, simply put because I couldn’t be bothered to keep filling my glass/waterbottle up. Anyway, altogether today I’ve drunk about 2 litres, which is underneath the amount of water I’m supposed to drink a day, so I might just go drink another bottle now xD




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