So… 2 weeks later.

I’ve never been very good at all this ‘keeping a blog going’ stuff. I’ve probably written about 4 or 5 different posts, and then deleted them before even posting them. I think some of it comes down to the fact that words down on paper just seem so much more real than what goes on in my mind half of the time…Like if I write the stuff down then I somehow have to validate what I’m saying.

But anyway, I have been continuously busy trying to keep up with uni, and being in 3rd year is not exactly making that the easiest thing in the world. I mean, I just bought a coffee machine. I know that probably doesn’t seem like much, but before I started uni I didn’t even like coffee, but now I just need something to give me that extra kick in the morning. Maybe coffee is the perfect thing for that? Anyway, as I said, lots of work, lots of readings and lots and lots of trying to find things to distract myself.

I think what I’m going to do now is basically talk about those things that I use to distract myself the most. Here we go:

  1. Food. 
    Yes, I know I need to eat food, but I don’t really think I’ve ever eaten as much as I have this year. Its like the very idea of doing work leads to a whole preparation ritual of cooking enough pasta to sink a ship. Something about the necessity of food sinks into my head saying that I should cook before even thinking about doing anything. Like, I’ve just had lunch at uni, but before I start working again I need to make a quick sandwich, or cook a pie or something. Talk about food for thought!
  2. Nostalgic Websites.
    Now I don’t know about you, but as soon as I turn my laptop on to do work, I’m instantly like OMG WHY CAN’T I JUST BE A CHILD AGAIN… and then I spend about 3 hours playing Neopets, or Stardoll just trying to BE that child again. Talk about escapism… I don’t know whether it’s something to be ashamed of or not, but the very idea of having to do ‘adult’ work makes me suddenly want to play the games I used to play when I was younger. Yes, I know the importance of self-control, but when I start to play I’m like ‘just 5 minutes to take the mic out of childhood self,’ and then like 3 hours and £35 later it’s now 1:30 in the morning and I have an assignment due tomorrow. I think I literally might need help. I literally forget how to adult everyday.
  3. Blogging.
    Now, I’ll admit I don’t feel as bad about this, as I’m doing an English degree, so technically blogging is actually helping my degree (in some weird at least I’m writing something way,) but still I feel it needs to go here. I spend hours typing up these things, to then delete them and wonder why I even bothered. In that time I could have literally written half an essay or something, but instead I decided yet again that I could not deal with writing about Eliot or some other poet, so decided to type meaningless words that nobody will probably read. I’m doing this right now, I literally have no idea whether I will actually post this or not, and yet I’m still typing! Anything not to read any more modernism!!
  4. Picking Music to study to
    I feel as if this one is pretty explanatory. I always listen to music while studying, as it blocks out outside noise which I somehow find way more distracting than the music I’m actually listening to. One of the best things I’ve actually found for this is the newest Steel Panther album, as for some reason the constant referring to sex just makes me switch off from the music itself, whilst still blocking out the outside world.. but anyway thats completely unrelated. I just spend way too long trying to work out what music I am actually going to listen to, and then I get bored of actually ‘working’ and deserve a break, so just watch youtube for hours on end… Please tell me how I’m going to have enough time to pass my degree??
  5. Meme Articles
    Now, I’m not really a ‘I get distracted by facebook person,’ because quite frankly I don’t really have that many friends, but the one thing that does distract me on facebook are the constant reminders that the likes of BuzzFeed and EliteDaily do exist. They are basically my life. Out of all of the things I’ve mentioned these are probably the things I most waste my time on. It happens so much that I’ve even come up with reasons for my obsessions with these types of sites: 1. They’re funny and 2. They deal with issues that I relate to… 3. They’re easier to read than most things I read for uni… None of these reasons are probably good enough to excuse me spending so many hours on them when i’m spending £9000 a year too try and get this degree, but still they work for me whilst I’m spending maybe 2/3 hours a day reading them.

Anyway, these are just the main things that distract me. I mean, my boyfriend also lives with me, so that’s also distracting, but really these 5 things generally describe my day-to-day life, with maybe 1 or 2 hours studying chucked in somewhere…..

As I said before, I need help. Well anyway, I better be off now, as I said, I’m probably just using this blog post as a reason not to do my work (I have like 3 books to read before next week.)